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      Une Société de Conseils et
d'Accompagnement Stratégique

                  à l'International pour les TPE, PME / PMI et ETI,

                          spécialisée sur les marchés émergents . 





Your Export Development Sales Team in Europe,

  Maghreb, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.

H2I Consulting
offers you a wide range of outsourcing solutions and services

                               to boost your activities:

Set up of marketing tools dedicated to these Markets

  • Organizing & attending trade shows
  • Sales campaign to find distributors or new customers
  • Sales training and supervision of foreign distributors
  • Acquisition or creation of a company, partnership or joint-venture
  • Preparation of your Professional travel


Your project will be first audited in your own country, by one of our consultant.


H2I Consulting
will then take over to fulfill your needs wherever you want!



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